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Dear Clients and Friends: Covid-19 Update

April 2, 2020

As we all move forward through these unprecedented and uncertain times, we want to reach out to you and reassure you that we are available to you. The Attorneys at Hill & Fischer, PC, along with the Paralegals and the entire support staff remain committed to operating our offices and providing our services in a manner as close to “normal” as possible. Our offices are functioning, and we are also capable of operating remotely, to ensure that you all receive the services for which we are renowned.

We are still actively working with our Clients, including Buyers, Sellers, Refinance Borrowers, Business Clients, those in need of Estate Planning, Asset Preservation, or Vehicle and Traffic matters. We do this in any capacity necessary, and with safety and public health being our top concern. We personally assure you all that we will continue to diligently represent our clients through whatever may come to pass.

Here are some of the steps we have taken in, and around, the offices:

Scheduling of conferences/closings in office are on a staggered basis to limit the number of individuals in the office at any particular time.

If you are symptomatic, or have been diagnosed with Covid-19, we are specifically prohibiting your attendance in office.

We are requiring that all who enter the office immediately wash their hands thoroughly, and then use a disinfectant/antibacterial.

We are regularly sanitizing everything from light switches, door knobs and handles, pens, tables, chairs, disinfecting the air of the conference rooms. We have established a drop off station to avoid the need for anyone to approach the reception desk directly.

Most of our work can be accomplished through remote communication via phone, email and video conferencing.

We have established new protocols for remote execution and notarization.

We will navigate these uncharted waters, and strengthen our community in the process. We remain hopeful and confident of a bright future ahead. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any of your needs, questions, or concerns.

Stay safe, be healthy.

Seth A. Fischer, Esq.